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We are delighted that once again the generous and talented staff of Artistic Landscaping Inc. will be adding the final artistic touches to our quilt exhibit. Visit them at 

426 Albert Street, WATERLOO


The Quilt Place - Shakespeare ON


Ye Olde Fabric Shop – Stratford ON


Sew Little Time – Cambridge


Kaleidoscope of Quilts – St. Mary’s


The Cotton Harvest Quilt Shop – Seaforth

Quilting by Design – New Hamburg

The Quilt Jeannie – Harriston

Buy The Bolt – Guelph


K&A Quilt Studio – Ingersoll


Kallisti Quilts – Waterloo


Anne Peters – Guelph

Hand dyed wool, linen and silk fabrics for textile art and embroidery backgrounds


My Fabric Dresser - Online
Owner is Amie Norton


How Can I Prepare for the Guild's October Quilt Exhibit?


Our first quilt exhibit in 4 years will take place at RIM Park in Waterloo on Oct.13 and 14! Here are some suggestions of ways to prepare for your role in making it a great exhibit. Be sure to check out the information already posted on the website. More information will be posted as we get closer to the date.

1) At September 6th and October 4th Gatherings-

   *pick up rack cards and magnets advertising the Quilt Exhibit to give to friends, family, neighbours

   *hand in your finished quilted items for the Quilt Exhibit Boutique

   *hand in your finished mini quilts for the Quilt Exhibit Small Quilt Draw

   *sign up for the remaining volunteer jobs at the exhibit


2) At the October 4th Gatherings

*pick up the ID forms for the quilts which you registered for the quilt display

3) At Home-

   *prepare your quilt for display at the exhibit-attach the sleeve, add a rod if required, attach the ID form to the bottom right hand corner of your quilt

   *advertise the Quilt Exhibit by handing out rack cards or sending digital copies to friends; send out a personal invitation

     *review your volunteer jobs for the exhibit- what job is it, which day do you need to be there, when does your shift start?
   *locate your Guild lanyard (if you have one) to wear for your volunteer job at the exhibit; if not, pick up a volunteer lanyard when you arrive for your shift

     *if you can’t bring your quilts to RIM Park on the morning of Thursday, Oct.12, arrange with a friend to deliver them on your behalf; fill out the necessary form to do this

3) Continue to check out the website for upcoming information. Contact Elaine La Ronde, Inge Ford or a member of the Quilt Exhibit Committee if you have questions.

Submitted by Quilt Exhibit Coordinators,
Elaine La Ronde
Inge Ford


Quilt Registration - WCQG QUILT EXHIBIT




The poster above can be downloaded  to share by email. Right click on it,  save or copy it and share it.

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