Guild Executive 2019-2020

Elected Officers of the Guild


President: Inge Ford

Vice President: Jean McFarlane

Past President: Deby Wettges

Treasurer: Andrea Heimrich

Secretary: Doris Martin


Standing Committees of the Guild


Historian: Aline Chan


Kathy Jansen

Helene Stevens


Madeline Hughes

Program & Workshop:

Sandra Bussey

Cathy Jurchuk

Bonnie Murdoch

Barbara Pye

Newsletter Editor & Advertising Coordinator:

Marg Sandiford

         Newsletter Mailing:

Pat Lockyer


Marg Sandiford

Quilt Exhibit:

Ruthanne Snider

Elaine La Ronde

Website & Email:

Kathy Bissett

Leaders of Additional Guild Committees


Mannheim Sewing/Quilting Circle:

Tamara Gilhuly

Megan Stauch

Smile Quilts:

Joan Doke

Memory Quilts:

Pamela Clarkson

Alzheimer's Touch Quilts:

Charlene Stevens

PAL Quilts/Vera’s Place:

Judy Siegner

Marilyn Hollinger

Victim Services:

Robin Bogaert

Days for Girls:

Bernice Gammy

Judy Pearce

Lynne Thompson-Haven

Jan Hember

Fabia Joyce

To reach any of these volunteers please consult the WCQG Members Handbook

or email the guild at