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Preparing for the 2023 Quilt Exhibit

With only months to go before our 2023 Quilt Exhibit at RIM Park next October 13 and 14th, we are inviting every member to contribute a quilted item to our show-no matter how large or small. Whether you favour traditional or modern quilts, like to do hand or machine quilting, prefer paper pieced, thread painted, appliqué, embroidered or scrap quilts, your quilted items deserve to be showcased. We would like to encourage all members to enter at least one quilt. Whether you are a novice quilter or have been quilting for many years, your work has value!


Quilt Categories and Sizes


  • Small Wall Quilt: - Maximum width of 40” and maximum perimeter of 180”. Must be submitted with a prepared rod that includes 2 screw eyes, with a width 1/2” less that the width of the wall hanging

  • Mid-Size Wall Quilt: Perimeter greater that 180" to a maximum of 250"

  • Large Wall Quilt-Perimeter greater than 250"

  • Bed Quilt: Single, Queen, King

  • Lap Quilt: 48" x 48” up to 60" x 60"

  • Other Items: This may include clothing: coats, jackets or vests. Also, table runners and toppers, purses, bags, pillow covers, cushions, baby play mats, patchwork stuffed animals, zippered pouches...

Quilt Sleeves

Large quilts are those with widths over 40 inches.

Please note that for the WCQG Exhibit we ask for the sleeve be cut at 12½". Because most large quilts are hung on PVC piping, they hang better with a wider sleeve.

Small quilts are those with widths of 40 inches and less.

This PDF also includes preparation instructions for framed works.

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