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WCQG and Copyright


The Waterloo County Quilters’ Guild encourages its members to educate themselves on how copyright laws affect their use of patterns, books and images.  It is the responsibility of each member to respect other artists’ creative rights.  As part of its educational mandate, the Guild makes available on its website ( links to sources of information that will assist members to find relevant information about current copyright law and related issues.

To provide a secure environment for all quilt makers that allows for the most open exchange of ideas and sharing of information, the Guild encourages its members to adopt the following best practices:


  • Use original patterns, books and magazines only, not unauthorized copies.

  • Understand the rights the copyright holder is granting to you by reading the copyright section of all source materials. Since each copyright owner (e.g. quilt artists, pattern designers, magazine and book publishers etc.) decides on what rights to licence to purchasers, we encourage members to understand what they are permitted to do with the source material they use.For example, most patterns and books include the right to make a design for your own use, but they do not define what “personal use” means.If you are in doubt, it is a good idea to email the publisher or author for clarification.


Here are some best practices encouraged for Guild meetings and shows,

  • Ask for and obtain permission before photographing the work of members, guests and speakers.

  • Acknowledge the contribution of pattern designers, sources of inspiration, and all others involved in the making of the quilt.

  • If a quilt label and/or artist statement is prepared for a quilt, include the acknowledgements mentioned above and information about any permission you obtained.

  • State clearly if you prefer any of the work you show not be photographed.


The Guild also asks its guest speakers and teachers to follow these best practices.  We try to set a positive example by following them in all Guild activities and publications, including but not limited to, our web site, newsletter, Show Guide and promotional materials.  If a member has questions or concerns about the use of copyrighted materials, they may refer to the Executive who will provide guidance on sources of clarification.

Here are a few links to sources of information that will assist members to find relevant information about current copyright law and related issues.

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Copyright Basics (USA)

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