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Originally nurses would fold up towels and let the patients who had open heart surgery hold them against their chest where the incision was made in order to support that area when they had to sneeze,  cough, laugh or they attempted to stand up or get out of bed. This seems to lessen the stress on the incision.


Then heart shaped pillows began to be made. Later the pillows were made by a group of former Bell employees and included the Bell Logo. This was followed by the Elmira Quilt Guild, who made the pillows for about 5 years.


A group of women from the Hawkesville Mennonite Church have been making these pillows for the last 3 years but are unable to continue doing so because their church is closing. WCQG has taken over this outreach project beginning February 2024. About 1,000 pillows / year are needed.

Heart Pillows are collected at Gatherings. Please email Joan Holland, Cathy Jurchuk or Inge Ford with questions.

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