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The original project has been expanded to include both Palliative Quilts and Friendship quilts. Many of the Pal Quilts, otherwise known as Palliative Quilts, are for local hospice homes, including  Lissard and Innisfree. They are designed to provide comfort to patients and their families while they are in residence at the hospice.


The quilts may be gifted to the loved one's family or kept by the home for future use. This will be at the discretion of the staff. If you wish, you, as the donor, may specify which residence should receive your quilt.   


The Friendship Quilts are for the residents of Vera's Place, which offers a supportive home for women recovering from substance abuse, a place where they can restart their lives. 

Quilts will be gathered at guild meetings following Show & Share. Please contact Judy Siegner if you have any questions or concerns.   

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