Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month, September through June. In June we meet only in the evening for our Annual General Meeting. There are no meetings in December, July or August.

The guest fee for meetings is $10.00. There are no guests at the June business meeting.

To accommodate our large membership, two meetings are held each guild day - often with identical content. Members may attend either meeting.

Afternoon Meetings

Door opens at 12:45 pm

Library opens at 1:00 pm

Meeting starts at 1:30 pm


Evening Meetings

Door opens at 6:15 pm

Library opens at 6:30 pm

Meeting starts at 7:00 pm


If you are arriving at the meetings early, please allow time for the volunteers at the library, membership table, vendor corner, etc. to be set up before approaching them. They will be better able to help you if they are completely set up.  New

Because we are unable to meet in person, we are moving our monthly guild meetings on-line using the Zoom platform.


Meeting Location

Albert McCormick Arena & Community Centre 

500 Parkside Drive 

Waterloo, ON N2L 5J4

Cancellations due to Weather
Members should consider a guild meeting to be cancelled if the universities are closed. KOOL FM will announce and post such closures on their website ( It will also appear on our website and our Facebook page. If weather deteriorates in the afternoon, and the executive believes it is necessary for safety reasons to cancel the evening guild meeting, an announcement will be posted on our website and Facebook page.