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Memory Quilts are small quilts donated to Grand River Hospital's Bereavement Program. They are given to parents who have lost an infant at birth or due to some other catastrophe. The quilts provide something tangible for parents who are going home with empty arms.


The quilts are between 25 to 30 inches square. They may be of any design made with fabrics suitable for babies. An easy pattern is to use 25 squares of 5½ or 6½ inches.


Flannelette backing and polyester batting are preferred. You may use your own fabric or we have kits available. Labels are available from the coordinator.


All white quilts (including backing and stitching) are made for families whose religious beliefs include white as a symbol of mourning. No religious references, human images or animals may be used for these quilts.


Some of these baby quilts may be directed to the NICU or special cases in Emergency when hospital staff identify a need.


Coordinator: Pamela Clarkson


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