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Since December 2001, WCQG has been donating Smile Quilts to the outpatient paediatric clinic at Grand River Hospital, to offer comfort to children with long-term medical conditions such as cancer and blood disorders. Children receiving treatment in the Cystic Fibrosis, Juvenile Diabetes, emergency, special care nursery, emergency and in-patient clinics also began receiving Smile Quilts in June 2004. For the last four years we have also provided quilts for the Mental Health Ward for children up to approximately 18 years of age.


Patients and their families as well as paediatric staff are very appreciative of our efforts and wish to thank all quilters who have donated quilts. Some members are helping by quilting tops for other members so that more people are becoming involved. Another way to assist would be to donate fabric for others to piece. Several members already do this. Please consider becoming involved. Please note that we do not accept quilt tops. If you have a quilt top you would like donated, please arrange for it to be quilted by a friend.

As of September 2017, members of the WCQG have donated upwards of 2550 quilts to our Smile Quilt project! Way to go, quilters! Please watch for information our next Smile Quilt Bee Day.

Wild Things

Pattern from the book, Happy Quilts

Designed by Antonie Alexander

Donated as a smile quilt by Judy Cumming

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