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In an effort to connect WCQG members during this time of social isolation we are adding a page to our website where members can let us know what they have to offer and/or what they need. This is a Kijiji of sorts. However, all materials and services offered are done so entirely free of charge. This has come about as inquiries from a few of you have arrived in the Guild’s mailbox. We think there may be more of you who might appreciate some help or may wish to be of some help. This page can also include tips that may be of benefit to your fellow members.


This page will be updated several times a day. We ask that if you requested something and someone fulfilled your request that you email the guild ( so the page can be kept current.


Your name will be linked to the request or offer, but the contact information will not be posted. It is in your Handbook.

To Share

Round Elastic.jpg

Cathy Jurchuk has  a large quantity of thin round elastic.  It is similar to the elastic used on medical masks.  It works if you tie a couple of knots in each end & sew that into the masks to prevent it from slipping out.  Please contact Cathy to pick it up.  Large quantities are available

Tip: Three strands of the thin round string elastic can be braided together to make one stronger elastic for the masks.  It worked very well.



I am looking for cotton fabric with horses on, enough to make a special mask with.  I am willing to do a porch pick up.  Just contact Cathy Jurchuk if you are able to help out.

Emily Hunsberger: Kicking around in my sewing rom is an extension table for my Janome Memory Craft 6600. It measures 15 3/4” x 24”. I have not used it in the 4 years it has been here - I think it came with my machine. If there is a way to offer this to a good home, I’m happy to pass it along.

Janome table.jpg

Request for someone to machine quilt a top made using the Mystery Pattern from Edyta Sitar’s recent quilt along. Emily Hunsberger is happy to donate this beautiful quilt to one of our guild’s community outreach programs, and if you can help by quilting it. Emily will be providing the batting and backing and will bind the quilt.

Emily's quilt.jpeg

As soon as we shared the need and patterns for face masks, tips for making them arrived.  You will find them here:

  • When the tucks are finished, aim for a 2 1/8" inch finished width.  It will fit best on the face. 

    • (Carol McLaren)

  • Sewing/Tacking on the Elastic First and then affixing your top layer, eliminates pins etc.       

    • (Jane Stolz)

  • Elastic Bandage Tip: The Assured Elastic Bandage can be cut carefully into strips along its lines creating elastic for masks. It can be found at Dollar Tree stores. To see an image click HERE.

    • (Judy Pearce from a friend of a friend

  • Bungee Cords contain elastic! To see an image click  HERE.

    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all bungee cords work! Click  HERE.

  • If you have run out of elastic and are looking for an easy way to make ties, you can cut one inch strips from an old t-shirt, stretch the strip and it will roll. Then it can be cut to the size of the tie needed. Here are links to two video that demonstrates the process. 

  • I just substituted one-inch t-shirt strips for the elastic. Others have done the same. Some people actually prefer them because they are softer than elastic around the ear. I took a t-shirt, cut one inch strips. Then pulled the strips. The strips roll and are stretchy and can be used in place of elastic. (Inge Ford)

  •  This is an easy and quick face mask tutorial that includes DIY elastic & nose clips. (Sandy Bussey)

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