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Sewing a Face Mask – Community Outreach Program

Initially our guild was approached by two agencies in our region - Community Living – Cambridge and K-W Habilitation - to sew face masks. These organizations have shared their urgent need for face masks. Since then we heard from numerous additional organizations also in urgent need for face masks. It is now May 2 and only two of the organizations we have supplied with masks still need them. They are K-W Habilitation and Cambridge Memorial Hospital. Information for drop off/pick up for any completed masks were also provided in the May 1 email to members.

We remain open to helping additional agencies. If you know of any, please let us know.

Face mask recommendations:

  • Use 100% quilting cotton, batik is excellent because it has a stronger weave and is more breathable. Flannel is an option to be used on the back; it is softer as it touches the face, however it can become warmer when worn for a long time and pills more easily.

  • The elastic style, as the pattern shows, is easiest to put on and remove, but if elastic is unavailable, use four 16-inch pieces of bias tape or fabric ties instead. The masks can then be tied at the back of the head.

  •  The basic pattern for each agency was included as an attachment to the March 26th email.


While all organizations realize that home made face masks can not replace or be substitutes for the N95 masks, they are hoping to be able to use these to provide some basic support for their staff and residents. Both agencies expressed their heartfelt appreciation to our guild members for any masks they might be able to make.

Here are the patterns we initially used and may remain helpful:

Tips for Making Face Masks is on the Member to Member page

In an effort to connect WCQG members during this time of social isolation we are adding a page to our website where members can let us know what they have to offer and/or what they need. This is a Kijiji of sorts. However, all materials and services offered are done so entirely free of charge. This has come about as inquiries from a few of you have arrived in the Guild’s mailbox. We think there may be more of you who might appreciate some help or may wish to be of some help. This page can also include tips that may be of benefit to your fellow members.


This page will be updated several times a day. We ask that if you requested something and someone fulfilled your request that you email the guild ( so the page can be kept current.


Your name will be linked to the request or offer, but the contact information will not be posted. It is in your Handbook.

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