Welcome to our next meetings on
January 15, 2020
 1:30 & 7:00 pm
Art KWilt Connection

We are excited to have as our speaker for the January meeting - Art KWilt Connection - a group of five talented  quilt artists whom many of us are  familiar with - Ilene Atkins, Dorothy Holdenmeyer, Marg Notar, Judy Pearce and Nancy Winn.   These self-taught artists have been collaborating since 2014 and their work has been exhibited locally, nationally and internationally.   Although they each have their own individual style, their collaboration as a group has challenged and inspired them to grow as artists and at the same time solidifying their respect and appreciation for each other's talents.  Please join us at the January meetings for their trunk show - "An Interview with Art KWilt Connection".

Programme Committee

Art KWilt Connection with their Reflections of the Grand

Best in Show

Larger Than Life 

                                       Ilene Atkins
“Everything about this cat was larger than life! Huge purr. Gigantic heart. Jumbo girth. He certainly made a name for himself, not only because of his size, but also because he loved everyone. P.S. The whiskers are whipper-snipper string.”
Ilene was inspired by the works of Danny Amazonas and Susan Carlson

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Mannheim Sewing Circle

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