Welcome to our next meetings on
March 18, 2020
 1:30 & 7:00 pm
Scrappy Quilts
 Kelly DuMaresq

Our March speaker is Kelly DuMaresq who comes to us from Markham.    Kelly has been quilting for over 20 years and has a passion for scrap quilts - making them and teaching them.  Her focus is on traditional quilts and finding easy and efficient ways of making the basic units used in these quilts.    Her true joy is to share her love of quilting and to encourage others to dig into their own scraps.

Kelly will be giving two slightly different presentations.   The afternoon presentation will highlight the scrap quilts she has made and she will share lots of ideas for you on how she puts them together, what makes scrappy quilts work, ways to approach scrap quilts, etc.   The evening presentation will  also highlight her scrap quilts and will focus on "taming your stash" also known as gaining control in our sewing room. She will also share her strategies for managing our scraps so they inspire us to use them!


On Saturday, April 25th, Kelly will be leading an ideas workshop at Mannheim that will be a fun day all about using our scraps.   She will review what makes a scrappy quilt work, ways to approach these quilts, etc.   There isn't a specific quilt project that you will be working on in this workshop.  Instead, Kelly will be showing lots of ideas for scrap quilts using strips  and at least 10 different patterns.  You will be making some of the samples for easy future reference using your own scraps.  In Kelly's words - "You will play and you will have fun".    Sign up will be at the March and April meetings - cost $40.

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Our vendor for the March meetings is E&E's Cloth & Creations from Newton     www.eandeclothandcreations.com

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