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April 19, 2017

1:30 pm & 7:00 pm

Trunk Show


Sharon Fisher

Sharon took her first quilt course in the basement of a house twenty-four years ago. Being a single mother of three small children and embracing a new career at the same time, that first quilt took about ten years to complete.

Constantly challenging herself with new ideas, Sharon loves to learn new methods for any form of quilting, appliqué, and embroidery. Classes have included free-motion quilting, an introduction to “Buggy Barn” quilts, which quickly became a major focus for Sharon, with further inspiration provided through additional classes. Since then, primitive quilt style has been one of her true passions. Sharon has become a regular instructor herself, with machine piecing, wool appliqué and embellishing stitches. From machine embroidery, Sharon has continued to explore her love of primitive quilts.

Combining her love of texture and colour with traditional, primitive and whimsical themes, Sharon has used embellishments to enrich basic designs, in the process, creating a niche for herself as a teacher in the true traditional style of quilters sharing skills and passion with other quilters.

From ultra-modern to centuries-old hand methods, Sharon has embraced them all, but her heart and major passion is and always will be with primitive style hand embellishment and the traditional and modern look this achieves.

Sharon’s trunk show will feature her wool appliqué pieces and embellishing stitching.


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"Threads of Africa"

Designed and coordinated by Renske Helmuth with individual blocks made by members of the WCQG

Donated to 2015 Ontario Mennonite Relief Sale

For information about this quilt open this link, https://nhmrs.com/content/feature-quilts, in a new tab.


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