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An EQ6 design of a quilt appropriate for Mothers Without Doctors


Mothers Without Doctors


A nurse practitioner at the Grand River Hospital runs a program for expectant mothers who have no doctor. She continues to see the mothers and babies for six weeks after the babies are born. The baby quilts for the 'Mothers Without Doctors' program really goes under the umbrella of SMILE quilts. The Smile quilts (and a few of the Memory quilts) are sorted by the nurses/social workers and some of the smaller ones with nursery prints are passed on to the nurse practitioner in the 'Mothers without Doctors' program. The program also accepts new or gently used baby clothing (18 months or smaller) as well as baby equipment and toys.


Occasionally some guild members give Betty Anne small quilts and baby items for 'Mothers without Doctors' which she takes directly to the secretary of the program to assure that they get to where they are intended.


If you would like to make baby quilts (or blankets) that go directly to this program, use appropriate baby prints and the Smile Quilt instructions.


Please click Smile Quilt Guidelines for supplies and instructions.