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The Books and Quilts Project is a joint project of the Waterloo County Quilter's Guild and the Waterloo Public Library. The Guild chose several children's story books which had a quilt theme and made small quilts to go with them. These quilts, along with the books that inspired them, are loaned by the Library to other libraries, schools, community groups and child care organizations. Being able to see and touch the quilts that are described in these books makes the stories come alive for the children.


These quilts have been very popular, especially for use in elementary schools. In 2005, the Guild and the Library were honoured when this project was awarded the Minister's Award for Innovation by the Ontario Library Association.


There are currently four books with quilts available: Selina and the Bear Paw Quilt by Barbara Smucker, Reuben and the Quilt by Merle Good, Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt by Deborah Hopkinson and The Quilt Story by Tony Johnston. The books can be reserved by calling the Waterloo Public Library's Children's Department at 886-1310 ext. 129.




Photographs on this page are courtesy of guild member, Marney Heatley

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