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2011 Raffle Quilts


In 2011, the proceeds of our two raffle quilts went to the Lisaard House in Cambridge (www.lisaardhouse.com).


Due to the success of our 2009 Quilt-as-you-go raffle quilt, the decision was to go with a similar one for 2011. Again, the project was coordinated by Bev Bechthold.


Fabric kits were assembled with directions from Emily Hunsberger's pattern, Quilt-As-You-Go Stash-Busters!" The pattern was used with Emily's permission. All proceeds of Emily's pattern go to Mennonite Central Committee.


The quilts shown above are the two Stash-Buster quilts raffled in 2011. The quilts are,made from Quilt-As-You-Go Stash-Busters!" pattern by Emily Hunsberger. It was used with her permission. All proceeds of the pattern go to Mennonite Central Committee.

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